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Holdings Berhad (FEHB)

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Far East Holdings Berhad (FEHB) was incorporated in Malaysia on 6th August 1973 under the Companies Act, 1965, as a private limited company under the name Far East Holdings Sdn. Bhd. On 29th September 1986, it was converted to a public company and its name was changed to its present form.

FEHB’s main activity is in the cultivation and production of oil palm. The headquarters of FEHB is dedicated and committed to provide oil palm plantation advisory and management services to all of its estates.

Key Indicators
RM 785.66 Million
36.59 Sen
Earnings per share
RM 274.69 Million
Profit before tax
RM 227.91 Million
Profit after tax
RM 1,420.68 Million
Total equity
RM 2.39 Per Share
Net tangible asset
RM 2.20 Billion
Market capitalisation
Share price
RM 3.70 Per Share
(Source: Bursa Market Watch) Price as at 31 December 2022
We at Far East Holdings Berhad will ensure that our products are produced in a sustainable manner by adhering to the sustainability principle throughout the Company for the benefit of present and future generations.
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